Patreon FAQ & General Mateusz FAQ

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Patreon FAQ & General Mateusz FAQ

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Greeting, fellow Pastellanders!

This thread is about anything Patreon, primarily for Mateusz Skutnik's artistic ambitions!


As many of you are aware, Patreon is a niffy unlimited by-the-month/project milestone fundraising option; an alternative to time-limit massive campaign of Kickstarter. This is a long time coming after years of relying mostly on Flash Games marketplace to finance his projects. With the Flash Games marketplace being on a serious decline due to immense popularity of Mobile Apps marketplace, Mateusz Skutnik "kickstarted" his Patreon effort earlier this year to support his projects of various sorts in coming future.

If you wish to contribute to his artistic ambitions and snag cool rewards... Just let him take your money :mrgreen:

Here are the primers:
  • ~ ~ ~ ~ o ~ ~ ~ ~


    HEY! Where is Mateusz Skutnik's Patreon!?!?
    • You can find his Patreon page here.
    - - - - o - - - -

    What should I know about Mateusz's Patreon?
    • • His current projects are based off of Patreon milestone goals (Daymare Morphs and Revolutions Tome 2: Ellipse are in the works currently)
      • Not only that, you can get cool art stuffs directly from Mateusz himself if you contribute to his Patreon!
    - - - - o - - - -

    Huh. So what projects are already funded?
    • • 10 Gnomes in Montaigut-le-Blanc (play here now!)
      • Where is 2016? (play here now!)
      • DayMare Webcomic (Read the first three chapters here, more will come in 2016!)
      • Covert Front 5!!! (However as Mateusz stated (here) this game has a shaky probability of being completed, 40%)
      • Submachine Universe in HD (coming in 2016 or 2017)
      • Revolutions 1 & 2 graphic novel in digital format! (coming in 2016)
    - - - - o - - - -

    And what projects are yet to be funded?

    At the moment there are three:
    • • Submachine Universe's massive expansion: one location per month
      • Submachine: The Engine (standalone game, not part of main series)
      • Porting entire Submachine franchise to Steam, including standalone games and extra content in each chapter
    - - - - o - - - -

    Just why should I contribute to Mateusz's Patreon?
    • Not only you will support Mateusz's upcoming projects and contribute to his milestone goals, you will also get awesomely vintage artworks hand-drawn, watercolored, signed by Mateusz Skutnik himself!
    - - - - o - - - -

    Ok, so what do I get depend on how much I contribute???
    • Funding & Rewarding System including:

      Pledge $1.00 or more per month
      All games I'll create during your patronage. You'll get this reward instantly after the release of those games.

      Pledge $5.00 or more per month
      + Previous reward.
      All digital comic books I'll create during your patronage. You'll get this reward instantly after the release of those digital comic books.

      Pledge $10.00 or more per month
      + Both previous rewards.
      All Submachine and Daymare Town games I have previously released. That's 20 games all together. You'll get this reward after 3 months of patronage.

      Pledge $50.00 or more per month
      + All previous rewards.
      Original watercolor painting of mine, which you will pick from my online shop. You have Submachine, Daymare Town and Revolutions watercolors to choose from. They're all signed by me. You'll get this reward after 6 months of patronage.
    • ~ ~ ~ ~ o ~ ~ ~ ~

If you're feeling like posting link to free downloads of Mateusz's HD games or digital comics...

ONE WEEK BAN for first offense to anyone who post the links to free downloads.
ONE MONTH BAN for second offense.
PERMANENT BAN for third offense.

This is a forum for those who support Mateusz's works and will not, now and ever, in any way condone or endorse any activities that lead or result in piracy of his paid HD games.

You have been warned.
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Official FAQ about Mateusz Skutnik's work

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This is a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions list on Mateusz Skutnik's official Discord channel.

Last updated: 30-4-2020 11:35 GMT

Q: Are Covert Front and Submachine in the same universe?
A: No. Those are separate world written by different authors, there fore not compatible.

Q: What software do you use to create your games?
A: Game Maker Studio 2.0

Q: What will happen to old flash games once flash is discontinued by Adobe?
A: Old Submachine and Daymare Town games will be ported to Game Maker and released on Steam. As for other games - they will most likely end up on in .exe form for PC only, as Apple doesn't want old unauthorized apps on Mac OS.

In 2020 adobe stops supporting flash player. That means that even online content (as in: flash games portals) will probably continue working just fine, adobe just washes their hands and doesn't want to maintain it any longer. I'm pretty sure there are people who will keep flash games alive and well. I think there's already some initiative to support flash after 2020.
moreover, I think if you download a flashplayer installer to your disc, you'll be able to install it later on and play swf files.
it's just that adobe stops supporting.
There's a discord server all about saving flash games in the future:

Q: Have you thought about revamping DMT when it gets on Steam?
A: I have. I will probably add some locations, puzzles, move around inventory items and make some changes to puzzles themselves (making them more accessible).

Q: Will Covert Front, the Fog Fall or Space Oddity continue?
A: No. These games were co-created with my colleagues who long since have dropped game development.
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