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 Guardians of the Pastel Universe 
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I know that I failed with "Guardians of the Submachine" thingy, but I come up with lot of funny cutscenes.
They come mostly in dialogue and usually are short. Its not likely that the characters will be using their powers many often (With some exceptions, like Sublevel, that usually explodes).

The epic race that always started

The whole members are coming to see the race between the 2 most fastest members in the Southern Gardens: The Kakama and Rapidraccoon.

Abacus: the race will start in 3. 2. ...
Boingo: Hey Abacus!
Abacus: What? Don't see that I'm starting a race. 3...
Boingo: Abacus!
Abacus: Again! ...
Boingo: Aba...
Abacus: Stop please! What do you want to say?
Boingo: that the race already finnished.
"Abacus Crashes"


xetroV: Here I am.
Kakama: Vortex, can you say to your evil twin to stop smoking in my face.
Vortex: Sorry, but he always do that, I can't stop him.
Sublevel: I know someone that can.
Kakama: No please! Don't call him.
Sublevel: Its to late, I'm already called it. >:D

retraC arrives

retraC: Sublevel, why do you call me? Don't see I'm in the undersubnet in a date with redneB.
Vortex: LOL, I always knew there was something between them. :mrgreen:
retraC: No! it was, ahem... No wait! There's no need to talk about that. Where is him.
Kakama: Just right here.
xetroV: Here I am.
retraC: xetroV, how many times did I say to you to not leave the undersubnet! :evil:
xetroV: I'm Smorry.
retraC: Come with me.
xetroV: Here I go.

Sweet like gum

JackO: There is something strange here, there are moss coming from the tiles.
Alamos: I don't know what are you talking about, yes, I see them too, but I don't think there is something important about that.
JackO: Anything?
Alamos: Is moss dude. Its just that we are locked in this lone room with a broken door.

Suddenly, Vurn comes and opens the door.

Vurn: Hehe, gum gum gum, kabum kul gum gum gum. chem muk luk gummug.
Alamos: What secret languaje are you learning now?
Vurn: Gummy gum.

The Great Chase

Vortex: Vurn, didn't you feel sometimes that something is lurking at us, watching everything what we do, chasing us, following us everywhere.
Vurn: Yeah!, I also feel sometimes that something is behind me.
Vortex: Me too! What a coincidence! Isn't it?
Vurn: I don't know, maybe there is something special about us.
Vortex: I don't think so.
Sunday (Right behind them): Yeah! I don't have any idea of what are you talking Vurny :3
Vortex and Vurn: What theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Vortex and Vurn started to run in the palace, and Sunday started to chase them.

Spiritual freedom

Meanwhile in the Sanctuary (291)

Zerpentos: I didn't knew that somethings the things are not what they seem, or at least I knew and never put that in test, and then forgot that forever. I think I knew because I'm was the prime example of that, I remember when I wanted to be free like a bird, but that was just the lightest part of the dark cloud.
WIQ: I know how do you feel. What happened exactly? Does someone annoyed you?
Zerpentos: I don't know. It was strange. More strange than this thing what we call Subnet.
WIQ: Really? Something more stranger than the Subnet? What can be?
Zerpentos: I was in the top of the trees in the Layer 3, seing how the birds flee. I'm had envy of them because I'm always wanted to be free like a bird.
WIQ: Doesn't you considered to buy a plane?
Zerpentos: I'm a serpent, I can't use anything. BTW, I seen a strange bird in the trees, she doesn't wanted to flee, she said he was like a snake, she said that he prefers to live peacefully in the trees, alone, and watching for food, killing the most cute animals.
Marbles: Uh Oh! That doesnt sounds good *Flees*
WIQ: And?
Zerpentos: And when she tell me the truth, I knew that what you come to be is not what you want to be, all you have to do is to find the more spiritual way to find the answers and to stop envy those who have more than you. And thats how now I'm happy for being a serpent, i'm was finally happy with myself since then.
Redafro: I know, I feel that sometimes, its strange but true, like that statue says: "The mind is everything what you come to be".
Zerpentos: Then all is solved for me, thanks dude. I'm always wondering where is she.
WIQ: Yes! Where is she? Where is she? I want to talk with her! How did she know the truth? I only know the truth!
Redafro: :roll:

The war and beyond the war

Layer 6

First Kai Raxas (in warplane): Red Five standing by!
OverLord Alamos: Listen! We have to break the defenses of the furry station, OK.
First Kai Raxas: Understood!

In furry station

Coronel Berty: Listen! The army of the so called Overlord Alamos is going to attack us in a while. Charge the artillery!
Sargent A1ex: Ok my coronel!
Corporal Marbles: Artillery loaded, preparing to shoot.

And when the things are going to be explosive.

Roosterman: Whats going on here?
Alamos: Where are just playing a war game. :)
Roosterman: In Mateusz super exclusive diamond table, on his super secret cave with sexy chicks and hot tubs?
Berty: Is the best place to play.
Roosterman: Why not that great table with thousands of chairs in PTL?
Raxas: But Mateusz says that is for birthdays only.
Roosterman: *Facepalm* Hey Kakama!
Kakama (Outside the cave): What?
Roosterman: Can you come here and make a drawing of a facepalm to tell to this dudes my feelings.
Kakama: If you want

Kakama enters the cave and starts to draw:

Thats all for today. I must say this project is open, you can make your own aventures. :)

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23 Oct 2013 05:42
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Is this my final form?

23 Oct 2013 12:02
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


(And the main: I read all this without online translator help! :O)

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23 Oct 2013 12:35
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not bad, not bad :mrgreen:

23 Oct 2013 15:23
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Church. Layer 2.

Borys: It is so close...
Bender: Yeah... I can't believe in that... Soon, we would see it in all it's glory!
Borys: By the way, before we finish and finally look at it... All this time I have wondered, why, before we compiled all parts together, we worked only with ugly small parts? Why these boundaries?
Bender: Well... You know... Plan isn't supposed to be seen by us. At least, HE said that... He said seeing plan in all it would really EXPLODE our minds...
Someone behind: oh...

Bendy and Bory slowly turns around to see...
Sublevel: ...ok...
Borys: O_O
Bender: wait WAIT WAIT!!!...


meanwhile in Layer 1, in small communication room, that also has double function of toilet

Someone, sitting on chair: *Sigh* I warned...

Test Sublands, PCG: playing with GameMaker
Research: 3/36
OST: 22/32
Stick: middle of nowhere
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23 Oct 2013 18:17
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And these are actually funny. :)

23 Oct 2013 19:45
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Ha! I'm in here too. XD

24 Oct 2013 03:04
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Not to give a thumbs down to your wonderful work, I did find it funny.

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24 Oct 2013 06:21
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Pure WIN!

Meanwhile in a space station in Layer 1

Gil: Starks, i see something strange in the docks.
Starks Hayter: What it is?
Gil: I don't know, I can't see it clearly. Call to someone in the dock.

Meanwhile in the Docks

Culorore: Look!!!
Boingo: Culo...
Vortex: Culo...
Anteroinen: I don't know whats important with his ass.
Vortex: Guess what, while Rulo always shows mindfuck, Culo always shows his dirty ass.
Ring... Ring...
Boingo: Hello!
Starks Hayter: Whats ongoing there!
Boingo: Its Culorore, its showing his ass to everyone.
Starks Hayter: Thanks! Thats all I wanted to know.

Back to the base

Starks Hayter: Culorore is showing his ass to everyone in the Docks.
Gil: I know what I have to do!
Starks Hayter: Yes! Charge the LAZOR!
Gil: Charging Lazor!
Once the LAZOR fired, Culorore uses a Super-Fart to counter attack the LAZOR

Meanwhile in Layer 1 Space, somewhat before the current events, Sublevel and xetroV are fighting

Sublevel: For the Subgod! I might stop you!
xetroV: HA! try your best, your soul must be mine.



-Sublevel's turn (2000HP_1000MP)
-Sublevel uses bunny flare (-130MP) and makes 223 damage to xetroV
-xetroV is burning, takes 12% more damage from all sources.

-xetroV's turn (4767HP_2000MP)
-xetroV smokes in Sublevel face (-75MP)
-Sublevel is cursed and takes 30% more damage from dark and light elemental attacks

-Sublevel's turn (2000HP_870MP)
-Sublevel uses mega fire kick (-380MP) and makes 784 damage to xetroV, and increases his agility 67% for one turn.

-xetroV's turn (3983HP_1925MP)
-xetroV chats: You think you can stop me, just look all what I can do!
-xetroV transforms and reachs his final form, restoring all his HP and MP and increasing them to 18000 and 7500.
-xetroV uses Dark Blast (-500MP), but Sublevel evades it.

-Sublevel's turn (1000HP_490MP)
-Sublevel lose his aditional agility
-Sublevel chats: Imposible, you can continue your turn after a transformation.
-xetroV chats: Its Dark Magic dude, You can do everything with it.
-Sublevel chats: Lets end all this madness. For the SUBGOD!
-Sublevel uses Wisdom Gem to have infinite MP for one turn
-Sublevel uses Ultimate Explotion
-xetroV: Thats all what you have! Huh...

In that very moment Gil launched the LAZOR and Culorore the Super-Fart, then when Sublevel is going to explode, both the LAZOR and the S-Fart collide right where xetroV is and Sublevel explodes making a triple huge devasting damage to xetroV, defeating him:
-xetroV takes 11854901 damage
-xetroV defeated
-Sublevel survives with only 1HP thanks to the special effect of the Ultimate Explotion
-Sublevel wons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sublevel get the following achieves:
-Defeat xetroV (1000 XP)
-Win a battle with only 1 HP (1000 XP)
-Do more than 10000000 damage (10000000 XP)
-Sublevel goes to LV323
-Sublevel got a new reward item: Personal Navigator

Meanwhile in the present

Sublevel: And thats how I got my own personal navigator. :P
Vortex: LOL, I think I can defeat you XD.
Sublevel: You think so?



-Vortex chats: Mother of SUBGOD!!!
-Sublevel chats: Hehe!

ENIHCAMBUS: State of the Art Scanning!

24 Oct 2013 07:10
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24 Oct 2013 13:16
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