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 Pastel Achievements 2: Revenge Of The Achieves 
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So here's what I was working on this weekend, The Re-release of the pastel achievements. This time I made the thing more flexible so it will be easier to except new achivements, thanks to the adition of categories. They are new achieves, some changed names, and others get deleted. Point system is more balanced now as well.

Paper (1 Point)
Plastic (2 Point)
Glass (5 Point)
Wood (10 Points)
Granite (20 Points)
Iron (50 Points)
Copper (100 Points)
Titanium (200 Points)
Chromium (500 Points)
Bronze (1000 Points)
Silver (2000 Points)
Gold (5000 points)
Platinum (10000 Points)
Amethyst (20000 points)
Emerald (50000 Points)
Sapphire (100000 Points)
Ruby (200000 Points)
Diamond (500000 Points)
Subthrill (1000000 Points)
Unobtainum ( Points)

Welcome To Pastel Lands: Join The Pastel Forum (Paper)
I Know The Rules: Read The Rules (Wood)
What The FAQ?!: Read FAQ Page (Wood)

User Control Panel And Profiles
Maneger: Manege Something In Your Account (Plastic)
Flag Spotted: Show Your Location (Glass)
Out Of Nowhere: Invent A Location For You (Wood)
Signed Out: Make A Signature (Granite)
Avatar: Use An Avatar (Granite)
Profile Artist: Use An Avatar Created By Yourself (Bronze)
Tick And Submit: Edit Account Settings Or Board Preferences (Wood)
Lurker: Set Yourself In Hidden Status (Granite)
Private Writer: Write A Private Message And Send It To Someone (Iron)
Stealth Speaker: Write 25 Private Messages (Bronze)
Confidential: Recieve A Private Message (Iron)
Secret Agent: Recieve 25 Private Messages (Bronze)
Forever Alone: Write A Private Message And Send It To Yourself (Copper)
Message Spread: Write A Private Message And Send It To 2 Members Or More (Titanium)
Full Cabinet: Have A Full PM Folder (Silver)
Friendly: Make A Friend (Iron)
Nemesis: Make A Foe (Copper)
Egocentrism: Attemp To Be Your Own Friend (Paper)
Membership: Check Memberlist (Glass)
Self-Spotted: Find Your Profile (Granite)
Stranger Or Mate: Check Someone's Profile (Wood)
Double Life: Have A Second Account (Gold)
Evil Doppelgangger: Have An Evil Twin (Platinum)

Pastel Ranks And Posting
Lost In Subnet: Make Your First Post (Paper)
Subbot Maintenance: Make 100 Posts (Copper)
Subnet Technician: Make 200 Posts (Titanium)
Subnet Notes Finder: Make 500 Posts (Chromium)
Subnet Traveller: Make 1000 Posts (Bronze)
Wisdom Crystal Finder: Make 2000 Posts (Silver)
Karma Portal Traveller: Make 5000 Posts (Gold)
Murtaugh's Right Hand: Make 10000 Posts (Platinum)
Double Post: Make A Double Post (Wood)
Triple Post: Make A Triple Post (Granite)
Forum Dominator: Post At Least One Time In Every Topic At The Time (Ruby)
The Conquistador: Be The Most Active Forum Member At The Time (Diamond)
Topic Creator: Create A New Topic (Wood)
Famous author: Have Created A Topic That Reached Over 32 Pages (Gold)
Heir: Become Author Of Topic Without Creating Topic Itself (Gold)
Speedy Replier: Make A Quick Reply (Granite)
Editor: Edit A Post (Glass)
Truth Changer: Edit 10 Posts (Iron)
Regret Back: Delete A Post (Wood)
Remorsefull: Delete 10 Posts (Copper)
Changed Mind: Cancel A Post (Wood)
Undecided: Cancel 10 Posts (Copper)
Ninja: Post A Reply Just Before Other Member Does So (Chromium)
Post Briefing: Preview A Post (Granite)
Reporter: Report A Post (Bronze)
Anti-Spam Activist: Report 10 Posts (Silver)
Anti-Spam Moviment Founder: Report 100 Posts (Gold)
Bumper: Bump A Post (Titanium)
Drafter: Save and Load A Draft (Iron)
Smiley: Use A Smile In A Post (Plastic)
LOL: Use LOL Smile, Or Just Write LOL (Glass)
Evil: Use Twisted Evil In A Post (Glass)
Geek Of Geeks: Use Uber Geek In A Post (Glass)
Gone Green: Use Mr. Green In A Post (Glass)
WTF: Use WTF Or o_0 In A Post (Glass)
XD: Use XD In A Post (Glass)
Silent Conversation: Make A Post With Just One Smile (Wood)
Smile Freak: Use All Smiles In A Post (Granite)
Text Painter: Use Color Text (Plastic)
Size Matters: Change Font Size (Plastic)
Black Letter: Use Bold Text (Plastic)
Italian Writer: Use Italic Text (Plastic)
Under the Line: Use Underlined Text (Plastic)
Quoter: Use A Quote (Glass)
Betrayer51: Modofy A Quote (Granite)
Quote Inception: Have The Max Number Of Quotes In Quotes (Titanium)
Worst Quote Ever: Make An Horrible Quote (Iron)
Best Quote Ever: Make An Awesome Quote (Copper)
Encoder: Use A Code (Wood)
Lister: Use A List (Wood)
Photographist: Use An Image (Wood)
Webster: Use An URL (Wood)
Attacher: Use An Attachment (Granite)

Personality And Behaviors
Joker: Make A Joke (Copper)
Annoyer: Make 10 Jokes (Titanium)
Troll: Make 25 Jokes (Chromium)
Victim: By The Victim Of A Joke (Copper)
Target Of Annoyance: By The Victim Of 10 Jokes (Titanium)
Oh God Why?: By The Victim Of 25 Jokes (Chromium)
Achilles Heel: Suffer From Your Weakness (Bronze)
Ohhh... The Irony!: Suffer The Irony (Iron)
Yeah, Do It, Yeah...: Act With Sarcasm (Iron)
Comediant: Make Laugh Some Member (Copper)
Idealist: Give An Idea To Someone (Copper)
Denial: Everything Is A Lie (Titanium)
Ingenious: Act Innocent (Titanium)
Pythagoras: Act Greek (Bronze)
Eloquence: Use An Archaic Form Of "You". (Bronze)
Possesed: Became Possesed (Bronze)
Multiple Personality Disorder: Have More Than One Personality (Silver)
True Form: Show Your True Form (Gold)
Hand Riser: Rise Your Hands (Glass)
Seven Arms Risen: Raise You Karma Arm (Iron)
Prayer: Pray In The Sactuary (Wood)
Grammatical Failure: Have Up To 100 Grammatical Mistakes (Paper)
Grammar Nazi: Reply Negatively To A Grammar Mistake (Wood)
Insane: Talk To Yourself (Iron)
Like A Computer: Talk In Binary (Titanium)
Total System Failure: Crash Yourself (Copper)
Volatile-Self: Explode Youself (Titanium)
Dropped Soap: Cause A Mindfuck (Chromium)
Utter Confusion: Self-Explanatory (Chromium)
Perspective Shift: Notice Something Important In One Of Pastel Games That Caused You To Change Your View Of The Game (Chromium)

Submachine Forumer: Make A Post In "The Submachines" Forum (Glass)
Daymare Forumer: Make A Post In "Daymare Town" Forum (Wood)
Game Forumer: Make A Post In "Other Games" Forum (Granite)
Scientific Forumer: Make A Post In "Theories And Suggestions" Forum (Plastic)
Friendly Forumer: Make A Post In "General Discussion" Forum (Paper)
I Didn't Came To Make Friends: Have Most Of Your Posts In Other Forum Rather Than "General Discussion" Forum (Ruby)
Elders: 1st Generation Members (Sapphire)
Revolutions, Theories & Wikias: 2nd Generation Members (Platinum)
Wars, Comics & Black Forums: 3rd Generation Members (Bronze)
Jokes, Projects & Evil Twins: 4th Generations Members (Copper)
Scanners, Forum Games & Activity Holes: 5th Generation Members (Wood)
Damn Of A New Age: 6th Generation Members (Paper)

Public Poll: Vote In A Poll (Chromium)
Spambot Hunter: Detect A Spambot (Titanium)
Off Topic: Go Off Topic (Paper)
Randomness: Post Some Random Stuff (Paper)
Happy Birthday!: Say Happy Birthday To Someone (Copper)
Goodbye: Say Goodbye (Plastic)
Goodnight: Say Goodnight (Plastic)
Combo Breaker: Break A Goodnight Or Goodbye Combo (Iron)
Witness Of Thoughts: Meditate (Wood)
Tired Of Humanity: By Rant (Glass)
Good News: By Happy (Glass)
Web = Fun: Post A Funny Image (Granite)
Trully Awesome: Post An Awesome Image (Iron)
Artist: Draw Something And Post It (Titanium)
Reader: Read A Book And Post About It (Titanium)
Playlist Exchange Via Forum: Post About Good Music Or Whatever Music You Have Stuck In Your Head (Copper)
Poet: Post A Poem (Titanium)
Gastronomical Critic: Rate Food Above You (Iron)
Nuclear Guinea Pig: Enter Nuclear Testing Grounds (Granite)
Open Democracy: Make A Suggestion To Mateusz (Iron)
Nothing Personal: Say What Are You Doing (Granite)
Dreamcatcher: Tell A Dream You Had (Granite)
Memenator: Make A Pastel Meme (Iron)
Idiot Of The Day: By The Idiot Of The Day (Iron)
Ding, Ding, Ding...!: Spot The Idiot Of The Day (Copper)
Pixel Contributor: Contribute To Pastel Forum Pixel Picture Project (Titanium)
The Linguist: Discuss Languajes (Granite)
Pastel Forum, The Movie: Discuss Movies (Granite)
The Mathematician: Discuss Mathematics (Granite)
The Scientist: Discuss Science (Granite)
Cyberbrain: Talk With Cleverbot (Iron)
Seven Main Layers Of Reality: Make 7 Answers To A Single Question (Granite)
Layer Of Light: Make 8 Answers To A Single Question (Iron)
Submachine Addict: Express Your Addiction (Granite)
Got It!: Answer A Submachine Picture Challenge (Granite)
Eagle Eye: Answer 10 Submachine Picture Challenges (Titanium)
Subnet Distortion: Make A Submachine Picture Challenge (Copper)
Achievement Maker: Create An Achievement (Copper)

Fanfics, Forum Games and Role-Playing
Fan Of Fans: Read Some Fan-Fiction (Titanium)
Creative Writer: Create A Fanfic (Gold)
Commander: Play A Forum Command Game (Chromium)
ALL of Us are part of a KINd: Read What Was Done So Far Of A'LLUKIN Forum Game (Gold)
Story Of Kakamabots: Read What Was Done So Far Of 60 Forum Game (Silver)
Stickin A Stick: Read What Was Done So Far Of Mr. Stick Adventure Forum Game (Bronze)
A Beast In My Room: Read What Was Done So Far Of Beast Forum Game (Titanium)
No Escape From The Daymare: Read Daymare Escape Epic Fail Forum Game (Titanium)
A'lek In The Submachine; Read What Was Done So Far Of A'lek's Submachine Adventure Comic (Copper)
Story Chain By Five: Contribute The Five Word Story (Titanium)
Big Black Elephant: Read Sublevel's Revenge Story (Titanium)
A Wonderfull Adventure Trough The Subnet: Read Lighthouse And Einsteins Story (Bronze)
Not So Shitty Story: Read Vurn's Shitty Story (Chromium)
Over-Dose Machine: Read What Was Done So Far Of Overmachine Forum Story (Copper)
Guardian Of The Submachine: Read Guardian Of The Submachine Stories (Titanium)
Wrath Of Cthulhu: Read The Cthulhu War Rolepaying (Gold)
Veteran: Fight In A War (Sapphire)

Submachine Wikia
Submerged Wikia: Check Submachine Wikia (Copper)
Submerged into the Wikia: Join Submachine Wikia (Titanium)
Bronze Award: Gatter A Bronze Award In Submachine Wikia (Bronze)
Silver Award: Gatter A Silver Award In Submachine Wikia (Silver)
Gold Award: Gatter A Gold Award In Submachine Wikia (Gold)

SUBmachine, RED eDITion: Discover Submachine Reddit (Titanium)
Reddit Factionist: Join Submachine Reddit (Chromium)

Pastel Games
Made In Pastel: Discover PG Website (Titanium)
Ipastel: Download A Pastel Game On Itunes (Gold)

Analogic Crash: Crash The Abacus (Titanium)
Being Abacus: Crash Yourself Over 20 Times (Silver)

Everydays Cake: Gift AK A Black Forest Cake (Copper)

Ancient Crystal
cetDestPerm: Defeat Ancient Crystal (Silver)

Viking Traveler: Go In An Adventure With Azareus (Bronze)
Being Azareus: Recall Watermelons (Copper)

Bent Over: Get Bent By Bender (Iron)
There's No Spoon: Make So Bender Bends Himself (Chromium)
2.5 Dimensional Hausdorff Cubic Tesseract Placed On The Wall: Place Bender On The Wall (Titanium)
Everydays Nicest Present: Gift A Blender To Bender (Paper)
Being Bender: Take A Bath With Poop (Paper)
Back To Unbent Space-Time: Defeat Bender (Silver)

Up, Up And Away: Make Boingo Bounce Off Of The Pastel Lands (Granite)
Garbage Truck: Stop Boingo For Making An Infinite Post (Titanium)
Stop Spamming: Stop Boingo's Plans For Forum Domination (Chromium)
Being Boingo: Randomly Reviving Threads And Posting One Or Two Responses (Iron)

Over The Ship: Play Bloodhit's Flash Submachine Fan Sketch (Copper)

Hail The Cone: Talk To The Cone (Titanium)
Say What?: Turn Cone Into B&W (Gold)

Gas Tolerant: Survive One Of Culorore's Super-Farts (Silver)
Butt Plug: Defeat Culorore (Gold)

Scan Complete: Let ENIHCAMBUS Scan You (Paper)
What Name?: Write Wrong ENIHCAMBUS (Glass)
This Name! >:D: Call ENIHCAMBUS As You Want (Wood)
Grammar Hitler: Punish ENIHCAMBUS For All His Grammar Mistakes (Iron)
Hacker: Crash Or Glitch ENIHCAMBUS (Gold)
Power Firewall: Survive One Of ENIHCAMBUS' Defense Systems Attack (Silver)
Being ENIHCAMBUS: Create An Huge List (Chromium)
1337 Hacker: Defeat ENIHCAMBUS (Platinum)

Twin Defeater: Defeat Gemini (Emerald)

LAZOR-Proff: Survive One Of Gil's LAZORS (Amethyst)

Into The Void
Void Cake: Give A Void Cake To Into The Void (Titanium)

Kakamatar: Quick, Get Your Kakamatar (Chromium)
Being Kakama: Make Drawings Of The Members Of The Forum (Bronze)
Being Kakama 2: Post A Reply With X Words, With X Being The Number Of Months That Have Been Taken Thinking Such Reply (Gold)

Being Knowlegde: Mispell A Word Intentionally (Granite)

Britanic Boom: Make Levelbus Explode (Granite)

Mateusz Skutnik
Subgod Exists: Discover Mateusz Skutnik's Homepage (Iron)
Leaning About Subgod: Check Mateusz Skutnik's Biography (Iron)
Skutnisist: Join Skutnisism Cred (Bronze)
Call Of The Subgod: Use Subgod Or OMS In A Post (Copper)
Hardcore Skutnisist: Call Subgod 25 Times (Silver)
In Presence Of The Subgod: Talk With Mateusz Skutnik (Bronze)
Flash News: Read Mateusz's News On His Page (Copper)
Pole: Understand A Polish New By Mateusz (Chromium)
Comic Fan: Buy, Read And Understand One Of Mateusz Graphic Novels (Silver)
In Middle Of A Revolution: Read About A Rewolucje Comic (Titanium)
Rewolucje Fan: Read About 5 Rewolucje Comics (Bronze)
Uncovered: Discover Blaky Uncovered (Chromium)
Easter Egg: Find An Easter Egg Made By Mateusz (Titanium)
Subgod Shop: Buy Something From Mateusz's Shop (Chromium)
Subgod's Workshop: Check Game Develop (Iron)
SubgodFace: Like Mateusz In Facebook (Copper)
Subgod Tweets: Follow Mateusz In Twitter (Copper)
+Subgod: Plus Mateusz In Google+ (Copper)
SubgodTube: Watch A Video Made By Mateusz (Titanium)
Heresy: Attemp To Be Subgod's Foe (Paper)
Mythical Exchange: Make A Donation To Subgod (Titanium)
Sacrifice For The Subgod: Make A Sacrifice For Subgod (Chromium)
Bad Question: Ask Mateusz When A New Submachine Comes (Paper)
Bunny Killer: Make Mateusz Kill A Bunny (Chromium)
Subgodpalm: Make Something Really Silly To The Point You Recieve A Facepalm From Subgod (Gold)
Mythical WTF: Make Something Really Silly To The Point That Subgod Would Say WTF To It (Platinum)
Subgod Troll: Being Trolled By Subgod (Amethyst)
Mythical Submurder: Defeat Mateusz Skutnik (Unobtainum)

Nothing Over Nothing: Find Noobnoob (Diamond)

Steam Soul: Win Train Game (Copper)

Being Prupp: By Ackward (Iron)
Even Enough: Defeat Prupp (Silver)

Demon Hunter: Defeat redneB (Silver)
Being redneB: Flee Of The Battle, Before It Even Starts (Paper)

The Worst Cake Ever: Eat Rednoob's Cake (Paper)
Being Rednoob: Talk Rednoobian (Paper)

Power Of The Light: Defeat retraC (Amethyst)

Rusted Dam: Get Rusted By Rusty The Ruster (Iron)
Time Traveler: Travel Time With Roosterman (Chromium)

Idiotek Fan: Listen Rulocore's Music (Titanium)
My Eyes!: Post "Rulo..." Right After Rulocore Posts Mindfuck (Chromium)
Being Rulocore: Dream With Elizabeth (Gold)
Metamorphosis: Defeat Rulocore (Silver)

Being Shadownil: Reply With Just An Image (Iron)

Legendary Hero Of The Pastel Lands: Defeat Skutul (Subthrill)

Call Of The Russians: Call Sublevel (Granite)
Red Explotion: Make Sublevel Explode (Granite)
Vortex's Birth: Make Sublevel Implode (Copper)
Nuclear Madness: Survive One Of Sublevel's Explotions (Titanium)
Explosive Maniac: Shoot Sublevel (Titanium)
0/0: Make Sublevel Explode By Dividing 0 With 0 (Chromium)
Being Sublevel: Explode And Get Exploded Over 250 Times (Silver)
Being Sublevel 2: Sacrifice Yourself Over 25 Times (Gold)
Firefighter: Defeat Sublevel (Silver)

The Void
Voidfull Sketch: Play The Void's Flash Submachine Fan Sketch (Chromium)
Being The Void: Post Computer Commands In A Command (Chromium)

Me Gusta Español: Talk Spanish With Vortex (Copper)
Onionvortex: Convert Vortex Into Onion (Iron)
OIV+: Contract OIV (Titanium)
VorteXD: Post "VorteXD..." Right After Vortex Made A Post With "XD" On It (Titanium)
A Gugu Tata: Spot Vortex Acting Like A Baby (Chromium)
A Fall In The Vortex: Fall In A Super Fluid Vortex (Silver)
Blue Explotion: Make Vortex Explode (Copper)
Being Vortex: Use XD In More Than 1000 Of Your Posts (Silver)
Blue Fart Vanished: Defeat Vortex (Emerald)

Vurning In Acid: Burn Vurn In Acid (Copper)
Vurned: Get Vurned By Vurn (Iron)
Being Vurn: Reply Negatively To 100 Grammar Mistakes (Bronze)
The Day Things Stoped To Vurn: Defeat Vurn (Gold)

World Is Quiet
QuietTube: Watch A Video Posted By WIQ (Granite)
Being WIQ: Have An Entire Page Only With Your Own Posts (Titanium)

Soul Snuffer: Get Smoked In The Face By xetroV (Granite)
Still Alive: Survives One Of xetroV's Doom Scytche Attacks (Chromium)
Pure Heterosexualism: Survive One Of Evolved xetroV's Chest Star Death Beams (Silver)
Scarecrow: Defeat xetroV (Gold)

Pastel Land Maps: Check YamiX's Pastel Land Maps (Titanium)
Being YamiX: Make A Map Of Pastel Lands (Silver)

An Entire Network Full In HD: Buy A Submachine In HD (Chromium)
Archeologist: Win Sub0 (Granite)
Tile Hunter: Win Sub1 (Iron)
Taking The Life In The Basements: Win Every Version Of Sub1 (Titanium)
Ibasement: Win Isubmachine (Chromium)
Crystal Finder: Find The Ancient Crystal Of Wisdom In Sub1 (Copper)
Trapped Forever In The Basement: Get Stuck In The Basement In Sub1 V2.0 (Iron)
Two Sides Of The Coin: Reach Both Endings In Sub1 V2.0 (Copper)
Lighthouse Keeper: Win Sub2 (Copper)
Red Hunter: Find All Sub2 Secret Items (Titanium)
Lighthouse Of Horrors: Play Sub2 Sketch (Iron)
Cut With The Edge Of A Leaf: Win Sub3 (Iron)
Endless Travel To Death: Die In Sub3 (Iron)
Secrets Of The Loop: Find The Secret Notes In Sub3 HD (Chromium)
Submachine Scientist: Win Sub4 (Titanium)
Blue Hunter: Unlock The Grate Of The Lucky Room (Titanium)
Apocalypse Away: Win Sub 32 Chambers (Iron)
Flashback: Win SubFLF (Iron)
Secret Guitar: Find SubFLF Secret (Iron)
Root Scientist: Win Sub5 (Copper)
Rusty Hunter: Unlock All Secrets In Sub5 (Titanium)
Submachine Hacker: Win Sub6 (Iron)
Tunnel Explorer: Uncover All The Secret Locations In Sub6 (Titanium)
My Big Fat Green Karma Portal: Win Sub7 (Copper)
Super Secret Bonus Section: Discover The Super Secret Bonus Section In Sub7 (Titanium)
Token Hunter: Unlock All Secrets In Sub7 (Chromium)
Layer Traveler: Win Sub8 (Copper)
Green Hunter: Find All Sub8 Secrets (Titanium)
Spiritualist: Win Sub9 (Titanium)
Brass Hunter: Unlock All Secrets In Sub9 (Chromium)
Into The Submachine Universe: Play Subverse For First Time (Wood)
True Submachine Explorer: Write Your Own Notes In Notebook In Subverse (Granite)
Traces Of A Palace: Find Small Island In Subverse (Copper)
Lost Bunnygirl: Find Sunshine Bunnygirl Theory In Subverse (Copper)
Christmas In Submachine: Find Winter Room In Subverse (Copper)
Vanish In Action: Find Watcher's Outpost In Subverse (Copper)
Letter Of Suicide: Find Suicide Note In Subverse (Titanium)
The Cake Is A Lie: Find Cake Room In Subverse (Titanium)
Graphs Of The Dimensions: Find Ayden Wylie's Drawings In Subverse (Titanium)
Guess What Is: Find All 3 Secret Guessable Locations In Subverse (Titanium)
Succefull Research: Discover A New Location For First Time (Emerald)
Submachine Theorist: Make A Theory About Submachine (Titanium)
Submachine Expansion: Create A Submachine Fanwork (Chromium)
Hall Of Fame: Have A Room In Subverse (Diamond)
Interceptor: Catch a item before it reaches inventory, the game must have Float engine. (Copper)
Submachine Champion: By the first in completing a Submachine (Platinum)
Hardcore Submachine Fan: Play Any Submachine Game Over 50 Times (Platinum)
Mystery Solved: Solve The Mystery Of The Submachine (Subthrill)

Daymare Town
High Definition Daymares: Buy A Daymare Town In HD (Chromium)
Bridge Crosser: Win DMT1 (Copper)
The Golden Egg: Solve The Secret Puzzle In DMT1 (Titanium)
Daymare Ballon: Win DMT2 (Titanium)
Daymare Mario: Finish DMT2 With Over 140 Coins (Bronze)
Creppy Beauty Contest: Solve The Secret Puzzle In DMT2 HD (Chromium)
The Gate: Win DMT3 (Titanium)
Life In Daymare Town: Get All Achievements In DMT3 (Bronze)
This Is Not Daymare Town: Win DMT4 (Chromium)
Life In The Outskirts: Get All Achievements In DMT4 HD (Bronze)
Clueless Explorer: Complete All Achievement Tasks In DMT4 Flash Version (Silver)
Defender Of Daymare: Get An Highscore In Daymare Invaders (Titanium)
Kite A Daymare: Get An Highscore In Daymare Kite (Copper)
Daymare Freedom: Win Daymare Cat (Iron)

10 Gnomes
Gnomes Over The Houses: Find 10 Gnomes In Rooftops (Iron)
Gnomes Walking In The Park: Find 10 Gnomes In Park (Iron)
Spring Gnomes: Find 10 Gnomes In Early Spring (Iron)
Foggy Gnomes: Find 10 Gnomes In Foggy Flat (Iron)
Captain Gnome: Find 10 Gnomes In Shipyard (Iron)
Hall Of Gnomes: Find 10 Gnomes In Hall (Iron)
Lone Gnome: Find 10 Gnomes In Solitude (Iron)
Water Forger Gnomes: Find 10 Gnomes In Water Forge (Iron)
Chemist Gnome: Find 10 Gnomes In Chemistry (Iron)
Shore Gnomes: Find 10 Gnomes In Seashore (Iron)
Gnome Ruins: Find 10 Gnomes In Remains (Iron)
Gnome Soldier: Find 10 Gnomes In Tank (Iron)
Gnome Hunter: Find Over 150 Gnomes In The Main Series (Titanium)
Troll Hunter: Find Over 7 Trolls (Titanium)
Hand Hunter: Find The Scary Hand (Copper)
Italian Gnome: Find 10 Gnomes In Bologna (Iron)
Belgian Gnome: Find 10 Gnomes In Liege (Iron)
Portuguese Gnome: Find 10 Gnomes In Porto Petro (Iron)
Croacian Gnome: Find 10 Gnomes In Dubrovnik (Iron)
Gnomicide: Kill A Gnome (Copper)

Covert Front
All Quiet Over There: Win Covert Front 1 (Copper)
Station Escape: Win Covert Front 2 (Copper)
Everlasting Night: Win Covert Front 3 (Titanium)
Spark Of Creation: Win Covert Front 4 (Titanium)

Where Is...?
Heading Down The Hole: Win Where Is 2009? (Iron)
Daymare New Year: Win Where Is 2010? (Iron)
New Year As Gnomes Wish It To Be: Win Where Is 2011? (Iron)
Looking At Santa's: Win Where Is 2012? (Iron)
No Apocalypse For You: Win Where Is 2013? (Iron)
Barely A New Year: Win Where Is 2014? (Granite)

Mr. Mothball
Mothling: Win Mothball 1 (Copper)
Assaulter Moth: Get An Highscore In Mothball 2 (Copper)
Snow Moth: Get An Highscore In Mothball 3 (Iron)
Zen Moth: Win Mothball 4 (Copper)
Mighty Moth: Win Mothball 5 (Copper)
Extra Moth: Play Mothball's Header Game (Wood)

Solar System
Martian: Win Mission To Mars (Copper)
Saturnian: Win Mission To Saturn (Titanium)
Jovian: Get An Highscore In Mission To Jupiter (Copper)
Neptunian: Get An Highscore In Mission To Neptune (Copper)
Venunian: Get An Highscore In Mission To Venus (Iron)
Mercurian: Get An Highscore In Mission To Mercury (Iron)
Uranian: Win Mission To Uranus (Copper)

The Squirrel Family
Squirrel Pilot: Get An Highscore In Aeroplane (Iron)
Squirrel Driver: Get An Highscore In Automobil (Copper)
Squirrel Aviator: Get An Highscore In Aviator (Iron)
Present Breaker: Get An Highscore In Christmas Break (Iron)
Cruiser Squirrel: Get An Highscore In Crazy Cruiser (Iron)
Crowded Squirrel: Get An Highscore In Crowded House (Iron)
Astronaut Squirrel: Get An Highscore In Deep Space (Iron)
Dasher Squirrel: Win Deadly Dash (Copper)
Egg Harvester: Get An Highscore In Egz (Iron)
Freak Squirrel: Win Freaky Fun (Copper)
Flower Power: Win Four Seasons, Spring (Iron)
Sun Power: Win Four Seasons, Summer (Iron)
Leaf Power: Win Four Seasons, Autumn (Iron)
Snow Power: Win Four Seasons, Winter (Iron)
Funky Squirrel: Win Funky Forest (Copper)
Labyrinth Escape: Win Labyrinth (Copper)
Martian Squirrel: Win Mars Raider (Copper)
Sea Squirrel: Get An Highscore In Oceanic (Copper)
Octokill: Win Octopus (Iron)
Last Payback: Win Payback (Copper)
Squirrel Cupid: Get An Highscore In Pink Panic (Iron)
Polar Squirrel: Get An Highscore In Polar Jumper (Iron)
Bone Catcher: Win Puppy Fetch (Copper)
Gladiator Squirrel: Win Roman Rumble (Copper)
Hopper Squirrel: Win Run Run (Iron)
Squirrel Escapist: Win Squirrel Escape (Copper)
Squirrel Harvester: Get An Highscore In Squirrel Harvester (Iron)
Acrobat Squirrel: Get An Highscore In The Acrobats (Iron)
Kite A Win: Get An Highscore In The Kite (Iron)
Tribal Squirrel: Get An Highscore In Tribal Jump (Iron)
Bounce Shift: Win Twice As Bounce (Copper)

Other MS Games
Iron Refiner: Get An Highscore In Iron Works (Copper)
Ice Stacker: Get An Highscore In Absolute 0 (Copper)
War Hero: Win Warfare Transporter (Titanium)
Excelent Calligraphy: Win Calligraphic (Copper)
Egg Catcher: Get An Highscore In Bunny Catch Those Eggs (Iron)
Feudal Rusher: Get An Highscore In Castle Run (Copper)
Egg Survival: Get An Highscore In Last Egg Standing (Iron)
Moth Catcher: Get An Highscore In Moths (Iron)
Expert Snowboarder: Get An Highscore In Snowboard Stunts (Copper)
Pigeon Pilot: Get An Highscore In Pigeon Phew (Iron)
Daymare In The Garden: Win Garden Backdoor (Iron)
Castanea Drops: Get An Highscore In Castanea (Iron)
Lights Off: Win Lightem Out (Titanium)
Lizard Gamer: Win Escape From Jay Is Games (Copper)
ITS FREE!: Get Escape From JIG Free HD Game (Paper)

Fog Fall
Out To Surface: Win Fog Fall 1 (Copper)
Truck Fueler: Win Fog Fall 2 (Copper)
The Dome: Win Fog Fall 3 (Titanium)
Getting The Hell Out: Win Fog Fall 4 (Titanium)

The Great House Escape
Improvised Driller: Win Escape From The Great Kitchen (Iron)
Key Fisher: Win Escape From The Great Living (Iron)
Spider Splatter: Win Escape From The Great Bathroom (Iron)
Pulley Gears: Win Escape From The Great Basement (Iron)
Siege Bed: Win Escape From The Great Bedroom (Iron)
Bat Scarer: Win Escape From The Great Attic (Iron)
Ghost Hunter: Win From The Great House (Copper)

The Scene Of The Crime
Bloodbath & Beyond: Win SOTC 1 (Copper)
Thrown Out By FBI: Win SOTC 2 (Titanium)
Revenge Of Revenges: Win SOTC 3 (Copper)

Rizzoli & Isles
Masterpiece Detectives: Win R&I 1 (Copper)
Butcher Busted: Win R&I 2 (Copper)

All Aboard!: Win Aurora 1 (Copper)
Heading To North: Win Aurora 2 (Copper)

Plague: Win Morbid 1 (Copper)
Epidemy: Win Morbed 2 (Copper)

Mellow Escapes
Escape Is Pink Colored: Win Escape Artist (Iron)
Freedom For The Horse: Win Charger Escape (Iron)
Triangle: Win Bermuda Escape (Copper)
Power Of Mana: Win Baba Yaga (Copper)

Space Oddity
Space Engineer: Win Space Oddity 1 (Copper)
Dead Oddity: Win Space Oddity 2 (Copper)

Sneak Thief
Warping Thief: Win Sneak Thief 1 (Iron)
Underwater Escape: Win Sneak Thief 2 (Iron)
Attack Of The Thief Clones: Win Sneak Thief 3 (Iron)
Quiet Arrival To The Center: Win Sneak Thief 4 (Iron)
Sneak Retreat: Win Sneak Thief 5 (Iron)

Parrot Is Not Amused: Win Tortuga 1 (Iron)
Pirate Bomber: Win Tortuga 2 (Copper)
Pirate Explorer: Win Tortuga 3 (Titanium)

Other PG Games
Story Trader: Win Trader Of Stories (Copper)
Lightbulb Of Madness: Win Great Banda (Copper)
Plumber: Win Plumber Pickle (Iron)
Tacking Clue Of The Monsters: Win Monster Detective (Copper)
Zombie Kaiser: Win Owl's Next (Copper)
Pixel Art Halo: Win Halo & Pixy (Iron)
Toxic, Vurning Acids: Reach An Highscore In Toxic Jump (Iron)
Gorila Sargeant: Get An Highscore In Gorila Cop (Iron)
Wizard: Win Mandrake 1 (Copper)
Otomaced: Win Otomaco (Copper)
Monument Man: Win Eien (Copper)

"32": Use The Sacred Number 32 In A Post (Granite)
Meaning Of Life: Use The Sacred Number 42 In A Post (Granite)
You're The F*ck Winner: Win An International WTF Award (Sapphire)
Stupidiest Member Ever: Be Declarated By The Subgod As The Most Stupidiest Member Ever (Ruby)
THIS IS SPARTA!!!: Live An Epic Event In The Forum (Gold)
Bunny Shooter: Shoot A Bunny (Copper)
Glown And Sick: Eat A Flourecent Mushroom (Titanium)
Noob Hunter: Find All 10 Noobs (Subthrill)
Mustelid Villain: Summon The Evil Otter (Bronze)
Going Trough All This Madness: Read All The List Of Achievements (Copper)
My Score: Calculate Your Score (Bronze)
I Wanted It!: Ask The Creator Of This So He Can Give You This Achievement (Platinum)
Hidden Secret: Discover The Hidden Button On This List (Gold)

ENIHCAMBUS: State of the Art Scanning!

Last edited by ENIHCAMBUS on 19 Nov 2014 20:34, edited 6 times in total.

03 Aug 2014 23:35
karma portal traveller
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Location: 966 - Quiet Rooms - WiQ
World Is Quiet
QuietTube: Watch A Video Posted By WIQ (Granite)
Being WIQ: Have An Entire Page Only With Your Own Posts (Titanium)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


04 Aug 2014 04:25
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Joined: 11 Dec 2012 20:23
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lol, funny. :D

Submachine: OST

04 Aug 2014 05:59
Murtaugh's hunter
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Joined: 03 Dec 2012 17:11
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Location: Spain
i have

The Conquistador: Be The Most Active Forum Member At The Time (Diamond)
Hall Of Fame: Have A Room In Subverse (Diamond)

and i have a few precious stones too so... that makes me have at least 1.5 million points :P

04 Aug 2014 09:33
subnet notes finder
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Diamond (500000 Points)
Subthrill (1000000 Points)
Unobtainum ( Points)
Skutnikium (³ Points)


EDIT: Rewolucje, not Rewoludge.

"...But I shall forgive you. There are some things in life that cannot be achieved." ~Wise man

04 Aug 2014 17:47
karma portal traveller
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ThunderDasher wrote:
Rewolucje, not Rewoludge.

Fixed, you can also suggest your own achieves, and therefore win one (Because there's an achieve for creating an achieve)

Side Note: For me, the most fun Achieve I made is "Being Kakama 2". :lol:

Also Vortex, I taken seriously your suggestion about paper, just check, you will laugh a lot. ;)

ENIHCAMBUS: State of the Art Scanning!

04 Aug 2014 18:56
Murtaugh's hunter
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yeah, I noticed :P

04 Aug 2014 20:14
karma portal traveller
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OnyxIonVortex wrote:
yeah, I noticed :P

Now that you noticed, its necesary to edit it or wait until Sublevel complains about it?

ENIHCAMBUS: State of the Art Scanning!

04 Aug 2014 22:51
Murtaugh's hunter
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nah, I don't think he will XD

04 Aug 2014 23:11
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I don'tcare.
I have infinite points :P

Submachine: OST

04 Aug 2014 23:23
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