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 Guardians of the Pastel Universe 
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Ko9 wrote:
Unrealistic. I am never an optimist xD

In that case I can replace you with Jatsko for that line. :P

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19 Dec 2016 18:17
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NO! I want to have one line per episode. XD

Pastel Inspirations

19 Dec 2016 18:24
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so shy guy

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19 Dec 2016 19:12
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That is our Jatsko.

19 Dec 2016 20:42
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I changed Ko9 for Kakama in that line since he's more fitting with that line.

I'm not sure what kind of choice was making Jatsko the guy with one line for episode, but I decided to stick with it. I'm glad Jatsko enjoys that to say at least.

Behind the Scenes: When I started making these stories, my original plan for Vortex was that all of his lines would consist of "XD", but he didn't liked the idea. :mrgreen:

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19 Dec 2016 21:16
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The Imposter

ENIHCAMBUS: Hello guys, I'm back.
Sublevel: NO! You're an imposter! You're Orangenoob!
ENIHCAMBUS: What are you talking about?
Sublevel: You're a liar! Fight me!
ENIHCAMBUS: Vortex, do you know what's going on?
Vortex: Your evil twin, which Sublevel thinks is Orangenoob, came by and started acting like you.
ENIHCAMBUS: Oh that guy...
Jatsko: How those new evil twins came to be?
Vortex: Is believed that the N-Tark stole a fraction of Enihc's and Gil's Karmic Essences, which late gave them to Skutul and ended creating "d:>I3" and "(:I)-E-C" as a result.
ENIHCAMBUS: But why the ended like they are? They are more retard than most evil twins.
Vortex: Apparently, the creation of new evil twins requires high-poopionic Neodymium to work properly, but it seems that Skutul was running out of it, so it seems he used Praseodymium instead, which is known to create more bizarre twins that are very single minded.
Sublevel: So our Enihc is not an imposter, right?
ENIHCAMBUS: Of course I'm not.
d:>I3: Of course I'm not.
Sublevel: I'm seeing double!
ENIHCAMBUS: Oh common guys, I'm the one with the scanner eye!
Vortex: From our perspective it seems that "d:>I3" can take the form of whoever he wants!
ENIHCAMBUS: He's a doppelganger!
d:>I3: Exactly!
ENIHCAMBUS: He just proved himself out!
Sublevel: What does "(:I)-E-C" do?
(:I)-E-C: Hi!
Vortex: He suddenly appears when he feels like to.
Sublevel: Vortex, how it come that you know everything?
Vortex: I have access to the great database, It was AK who gave me the pass to it because of all the work I have done here!
Sublevel: Wow!
ENIHCAMBUS: Luckily, these new evil twins are not aggressive, so they are not much of a trouble to deal with.
Sublevel: Yeah! Jatsko, what do you think?
Error Code 3113: The requested character integer has been already iterated on this sequence and cannot be reproduced more than once

Sublevel: Oh yeah, that...
Kakama: And that's why Jatsko is still an Error!
Bender: Kakama is still a mask!
Kakama: I'm no longer a mask, actually I never was, I just didn't wanted everyone to see my body because...
Vurn: ...he used to be a robot striper, pretty much that!
Babylon: Oh boy!
Sublevel: Suddenly this is becoming random again!
Paranormal: Yeah, deal with it! 8-)
Sublevel: You have no idea how happy I am from hearing that.
Vortex: As long as the N-Tark doesn't shows up, everything will be fine!
ENIHCAMBUS: Does anyone mind if I launch the evil twins in a prove to Overmachine, just so that the don't disturb...
Kakama: Thats okay!

At this point the newest evils twins have been launched back to the Overmachine

d:>I3: Hi Again!
(:I)-E-C: Hi!
retraC: redneB?
redneB: What?
retraC: Why do we keep making the newbies go and cause annoyance while we can use them as spies?
redneB: I'm just lazy to put all the spying gadgets, like of we had them to start...
levelbuS: I only hope Skutul can get more Poopion-rich Neodymium so he can make better evil twins.
xetroV: Don't worry, I heard he sent the N-Tark to find Neodymium and a "Poop Enricher Machine".
levelbuS: That sounds cool, the N-Tark is doing a great job, I wonder why is really good at what he does.
retraC: Maybe because he's not an evil twin...
xetroV: Neither you are.
retraC: Yes, but take in mind I has been created by Sublevel while the N-Tark was created by Mateusz himself, although accidentally...
levelbuS: That's really much power compared to what we can handle!
redneB: I never meet him, but I would really want to get his autograph!
levelbuS: Me too bro!


ENIHCAMBUS: State of the Art Scanning!

04 Jan 2017 23:41
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Proof is taken! ^^
You're Enihcambus!


The Imposter epilogue

at Kakama's house

*master of the house plays some bionicle games, when sudden phone call rings. Kakama takes it.*

Kakama: Hello?

???: Hi there! How have you been?

Kakama: Thanks, I'm fine. Do you?

???: It's ok here, I'm still invisible.

Kakama: ? Ok...

???: Did you finish that long boss fight yet?

Kakama: Yes, just minute ago... Wait a minute? How do you know that???

???: Because I'm watching at you right now... But due to bad visibility and sound conductivity I couldn't understand you finished that boss fight already.

Kakama: *Scared* ...Lurker? Is that you? That's not funny...

???: Nope, I'm not him. My grammar skills is normal.

Kakama: *Absolutely scared* Then who are you? Why are you here? What do you want?...

???: Revenge... I warned you...

Kakama: *sobs* What did I do wrong?..

*Sudden lightning outside strikes, and tall figure appears in its light, wearing Kakama's scary bionicle mask, and staying right behind Kakama*


meanwhile, in Pastel Land's time-and-space temporal anomaly

Lurker: They all there.

Original levelbuS: Yes... I have seen them. With my special eye.

Lurker: They all think they real.

levelbuS: Yes... what a stupid joke! My duplicate is just... Oh, nevermind.

Lurker: I wonder why I not there...

levelbuS: I don't where this one-eye creature got you, but definitely not in Pastel Land's outskirts. So your fake duplicate couldn't appear there.

Lurker: ...

levelbuS: Now we should decide what to do with it... Though these idiotic duplicates are just fake copies of perfect original, just like Outer Rim's machines and HD versions of original submachines... This... N-tark... has a potential. Though he can't compete with our Lord Skutul, original Mateusz's son... I wonder how powerful is this accident second creation of Mateusz. I must contact with my master.

Lurker: Good luck with that. Just don't forget: You just copy, too... The same impostor. Think about that...


Test Sublands, PCG: playing with GameMaker
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Stick: middle of nowhere
alternate Stick: universe is dead
H^HTEP: 5/100

05 Jan 2017 13:33
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The Price Of Ambition, Part 1

*At the top of the Elite hill*

Mateusz Skutnik: Lets start the 7th annual Submachine Elite Party!
AK: Awww Yeah! I'm prepared for this!
Alamos: This is going to be a long night!
Raxas: Excellent!
DvanisAWESOME: Lets Rock!
Julia Tusz: Yo, I bring the drinks!
Anteroinen: I brought some popcorn!
Mateusz Skutnik: *sigh* Not that again...
Robobrain: To bad BlastDragon isn't an Elite, he would make an omelett...
Sublevel: Yeah!

*Meanwhile at the bottom of the Elite hill*

Bender: Damn Elites and their so parties, one day I will be there, I swear.
Ko9: Me too bro!
Bender: Who the hell are you? What are you doing? Where did you come from? Will there be a fourth question?
Ko9: I'm Ko9, I'm have the same dreams as yours, I came from near cave... What?
Bender: Do you have what it takes to be an elite?
Ko9: No, do you?
Bender: No, afaik I don't have what it takes to be an Elite!
Ko9: Well, me neither... but exactly what we have to do?
Bender: They say that to be an Elite, you have to make something important for the Submachine. Like that dude Daniel Chavez, who is transport commissioner there and blah blah blah...
Ko9: And how do we exactly something important for the Submachine...
Bender: Dunno, they say I don't have enough to contact S.H.I.V.A., so I couldn't even ask it what it really needs.
Ko9: I really want to be an Elite so I can have my own personal room in the Subnet!
Bender: Me too! But what I really want, is a blender. But not just any other blender, I want my dear Blendy!
Ko9: What, does the Elite have Blendy?
Bender: Yes, I'm still dreaming the day its mine. ...also Frank!
Ko9: Who's Frank?
Bender: Mateusz personal favorite bunny!
Ko9: Wow, you surely had developed your ambitions!
Bender: Sure! Its when a while, but finally I'm no longer alone.
Ko9: What are you insinuating?
Bender: We are going to infiltrate the Elite house and hack their computers so we are in!
Ko9: Wow, but that won't get us in problems bro?
Bender: Nothing we cannot handle, I can trap people in Karma cubes and bent reality. What you can do?
Ko9: I can knock out someone by giving them 9 consecutive punches in their faces.
Bender: ..... Man, that's lame...
Ko9: I know...
Bender: That damn T.H.O.H.T. guy is running out of ideas...
Ko9: I know... at least I have this fancy fedora!
Bender: Cool! I think we will need some extra help, hopefully I know someone.

*Benogidni's house, Layer 6*

Bender: Yo!
Benogidni: Bender, brother, I didn't see you since the whole submarine incident, what takes you here?
Bender: Hi, me and dude you don't know wants to infiltrate a building, and since you are the most famous theft of the nation of Cambria Asta, you might be of extreme help.
Ko9: This layer is so nice, must take vacations here.
Bender: Yo, me too!
Benogidni: Cool story...
Ko9: Bro!
Bender: Haha!
Ko9: But seriously Bender, how this dude will help us get into the Elite house.
Benogidni: You want me to infiltrate the what? No, I can't do that, its called suicide! You know its one of the most defended places by the Defense Systems!
Bender: Dude, will you help us or not?
Benogidni: Of course, but I think it will take some extra help, we need someone who is just completely intrepid, rude, and on a league of its own!
Bender: I know exactly what we need!

*At redneB's home, Overmachine*

Bender: *knock knock*
redneB: Who is there?
Bender: Kanga...
redneB: *Opens door* Bender, really? What the hell are you doing knocking at my door, you noob!
Ko9: A demon? are we really going to get help from a demon? What the hell...
Bender: Its not just any other demon, its redneB!
redneB: Yeah, noob, you think you know everything about me...
Bender: We are requesting your help!
redneB: Why!
Benogidni: We want to become Elites! and we want to infiltrate their building and hack their computers!
Bender: Do you want to become an Elite too.
Benogidni: Why not?
redneB: Oh, I concur, I want to be an elite so that I can laugh my ass off to the rest of the evil twins.
Bender: Well, there's actually an evil twin as an Elite...
redneB: Yeah, that guy Program-Sub 23, he did actually hacked his way there! But he isn't really one of us, he never assist in any of the evil twins reunions, he isn't loyal to Skutul.
Bender: He isn't loyal to Skutul? blasphemy!
redneB: Are you loyal to Skutul?
Bender: No, but I respect his power.
Benogidni: At least until that N-Tark guy surpasses him...
redneB: Don't say that! Okay, I'm going to help you.
Bender: See Ko9, we will soon became one of the cool guys, can you believe it?
Ko9: I have a bad feeling about this...


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29 Jan 2017 02:42
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some fun moments, yay!

can't wait!

(Is that redneB is original or N-tark's copy?)

Test Sublands, PCG: playing with GameMaker
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29 Jan 2017 22:16
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Original redneB indeed.

ENIHCAMBUS: State of the Art Scanning!

30 Jan 2017 00:44
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