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 Sugessions and Ideas for Covert Front: The Legacy 
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I made a list with better grammar and clearer sentences to the old ideas. I deleted the old ones and added some new ones, I still hope some of you will add your ideas, since I am almost the only one who posted here... Also I hope it's clear I might not show how much I love the series, but like YourMovieSuck I believe constructive complaining improves peaces of artwork so much when listened to. I also do not expect an response of anyone, I made this list because I love this series... a little to much maybe.:

Covert Front The Legacy: Ideas

Game-play and Sound FX:

I: Chapter 1:

1: Putting leaves in front of the fuse-box and being able to remove them by clicking on them. It wouldn't make to much sense for it to be as visible as it's right now.
2: When you click fast enough on the closed door handle, you hear more times the door handle than actually seeing it move in the animation.
3: Picking up the screw in Karl von Toten's House.
4: Making the mansion more interactive, opening and closing draws, making the buttons of the fuse-box so you can press them or make a separate one for putting the light on, von Toten left in a hurry but I believe it would make more sense and making a Sub 4 like Kitchen Sink and switching leavers in the fuse-box and other technology by von Toten.
5: Add more walking sounds to the game. And specific ones for outside and inside would be amazing.
6: Make Kara's bag an storage place like in Submachine 10.
7: When you click on the morse code message, you hear an same sound as in the intro frame, maybe add that to the bag?
8: Make them soap collectible

II: Chapter 2:

1: When the elevator opens you hear a walking sound while Kara is still in the same spot.
2: Make the keypad before the room where movie reel 3 is stored in more efficient. Now it is very hard to type it in. At least make a hint for it somewhere.

III: Chapter 3:

1: Make the Bibliography of Mata Hari in Room 13 collectible.
2: Maybe add the street to the left in the library.
3: Maybe open the door in the upper floor Zurich Haubtbibliotek.
4: Maybe open the green door in the outside of the Zurich Haubtbibliotek.

IIII Chapter 4:

1: I would like ti, when you put the helium in the imagination realisator, that being an collectible thing.
2: When you enter the code to enter and you press enter with the handle, when you go back and look at the keyboard and go back it does not open or enter it. (That is kinda annoying to the speedrunners.)
3: When you have two pieces of wire it shows up two times in the item box and not one time with a number 2 above.
4: An envelope isn't a picture although it contains one, it might be better to give it the same mechanics as the newspaper in Covert Front 3.

Improvements and ideas for Animations:

I: Chapter 1:

1: A jumping animation from the middle part of the stares where you can see the small picture to the ground in front of the von Toten Painting.
2: Maybe add some more animations of Kara in the mansion, in the same positions as in the first few intro slides of Covert Front 2.
3: It might be fun to be able to light the cigar at the second floor.

II: Chapter 3:

1: The people in the railway station always stand still, maybe add some movement to them like in the Rewolucje trailers?

III: Chapter 4:

1: Maybe make the generated von Toten in the real von toten's study room also computer generated.
2: Add Clouds, Rain and Tunder to the Intro. (It sounds more dramatic than it's)

Existing Artwork:

I: Chapter 1:

1: The crack in the wall in the upper bedroom goes trough the closet.
2: Change Clock Key to Clock Winding Key and make it gold. (These are way more common)
3: Changing the green German banknotes to Blue, they where Blue in the German Empire at the time. (Especially the 20 Mark banknote)
4: Change background Karl von Toten Painting to the one in the original Postcard that it is based off.
5: Replace the item icon of the Crowbar with the Covert Front 4 Crowbar.
6: Redrawing the Matches to an actual Matchbox. Preferably one with Yellow, Red and Black (Like the ones of Solo kind) with one end coated.
7: Maybe make the morse code for the note more legitimate? Since 2007 there are some converters from text to morse and it wouldn't be to much of a stretch to make it work.
8: Add old font back to the intro Newspapers and add blur inside back. (Like in the Version 1.0)
9: When the Driver of the blue car enters the screen with the mansion, the building is shown to have 4 windows from front, but then when you enter the first screen after the intro the structure has none.

II: Chapter 2:

1: The elevator is not totally black and white in the movie. And the picture of von toten in the movie room still has color in it in some spots.
2: In the Movie Reel with the guy with the wire helmet, when the Flying Wing get's (made up) in his head, the greater hall has an error in the expanded floor.
3: The Picklehaube (German spiked helmets) are waaaay to flat. Also the uniforms used are not the best drawn.
4: In movie Reel 3 the round switches are not black and white and on the left it lacks a door.
5: The engine on the left in the black and white picture of von Toten has a black end, the others do not. It also is the case in Covert Front 3.

III: Chapter 3:

1: The clouds have an error that when you zoom in they have no fade out, this is the fact in the HD game of Covert Front 3. This is like you commented a error from flash but I hope it get's edited.
2: The machine in Room 13 with Kara's registration number has a graphical error when zoomed in.
3: The newspaper with von Toten on it in the library has an font type in the title.
4: Maybe make Room 13 less obvious from the outside? The cut out makes sense but it's maybe to much.
5: Make the maps in the map room (Room 6) in the library more similar to the ones at the time? It does not make sense currently, it isn't detailed. The scene of the crime did a good job at it, and maybe make it more similar?
6: The green wooden door in from of the Library lacks the door handle in the bigger picture of the library, not when it's zoomed in.
7: When you are talking to Manfred in the trapped chapter; when Kara says nope, her hand is a little to simplistic.
8: When you are in the first screen on the station, with the guy who gives you the newspaper, on the most left the window has the same prescriptive as at the wall, but it is on your left so it should be turned.
9: Adding the old 2011 shop watercolor paintings of Kara to the part of the game she is spied on outside of the railway station, as in redrawing them. I think they fit very well in that place. (Like I pointed out some extra artwork would be neat to add).

IIII: Chapter 4:

1: In the intro of Covert Front 4 there is still the cloud error.
2: Mayby add a German imperial war flag on station in Covert Front 4, it is now only black.
3: In the conversation with the fake generated von Toten, there is a screen when he has a black cheek.
4: Add the thumbnail picture of Kara in the game, the sketch; So it is done, under it. So there is less artwork excluded from the main game. (I have added an extra artwork page to the Covert Front wiki and maybe you can implement more of these in the main series.)
5: When you are before the sewers in Lisbon and the German soldiers is looking the opposite way, the houses in the front are incorrect in perspective, at least the roof is.
6: Maybe redraw the art for the Lisbon preview of chapter 2? It is kinda sloppy and I do believe you can do soooo much better. :D


1: Maybe add the PNCE Wilhelm II painting full screen somewhere or having a zoom in option in PNCE. It is SO good and it makes me a sad panda I cannot zoom in. (South Park reference :D)

Pixelated Artwork:

I: Chapter 1:

1: When you stand in front of the closet build in the stairs, the bathroom door is pixely.
2: When the door opens in the starting screen the wood of the door gets weird and pixely.

II: Chapter 2:

1: All of the intro frames are taken from screenshots, these are very pixelated and do not improve the overall quality and atmosphere of the game series.
2: The Leaves are pixelated in the webcams, so are a lot of the frames themselves there.
3: Movie real animations do not overall improve from the Submachine 2 like movie frame. It isn't really how film damage looked at the time. The are more similar to 90s television fail.

Ideas for New Artwork:

I: Chapter 1:

1: Putting on the Lamp in the Library. (Sub 2 like, maybe)
2: Originally, houses owned by German people of high status has some postcards on the walls, maybe that is nice to add?
3: Changing the Covert Front one eagle with the actual coat of arms of the German Empire on Wikipedia or similar to the ones on the Game Cover of March of the Eagles. (A Paradox Interactive Game from 2011)
4: Redrawing the signet ring and correcting the perspective of it when you put it in the rectangle next to the painting.
5: When in front and not close up the area Karl von Toten's arm surrounds is black.
6: Maybe redraw and add the painting: Deutschland – August 1914 by: Friedrich August von Kaulbach. It is so Covert Front like, it just screams it in my face when I look at it.

II: Chapter 2:

1: Maybe add the warning electricity symbols to the grass mower in the airfield like the ones in Where is 2013?


I: Chapter 1:

1: In the intro Kara seems to have a green bag, but in Covert Front 2 and 3 it is blue.
2: When the door is open you cannot see the railing of the stairs.
3: In the garden, with the fuse-box you can irl electrocute yourself.

II: Chapter 2:

1: Helium still shows in the Webcam room.
2: The machine in Von Toten's basement is not turned on. (That is in the room with the picture of Von Toten with engines and where you play the movies.)

III: Chapter 3:

1: The green door from the outside of the library does not show in the inside.
2: When you get the Bibliography of Newton it does not have a star symbol in the front but it has in the icon.

IIII Chapter 4:

1: When Kara lands on the plane field, in the short clip the observation tower seems to be of a total different kind than the real one.
2: Maybe remove the Submachine connected things? I am not sure about this, but since you said it was an old idea and you do not like it anymore, maybe you want to change it? It is maybe to much of a red herring.
3: When you make windows in the imagination realisator they do not show up outside in the... is it void?


I: Chapter 1:

1: Heidelberg University is spelled wrong.

II: Chapter 2:

1: There is a spelling error with a comma in one of the notes. It is in one of these folder notes. That lay on the bed.

Things that impact the legacy as a whole:

1: A Map with the progress from Munch Bavaria, to Zurich and Lisbon in the style of Warfare Transporter, or TSOTC. (I really love those, maybe you know the last express, but since the road Kara travels moves into one direction, it might be doable to make something similar.)
2: More Ambient's and songs in the base game could be cool, Covert Front 3 has a copyright ambient which plays in the safe-house and is so beautiful, so maybe you can ask Brian W. to edit or remix it?
3: Some White Text in the series does not glow. Sometimes it is pretty similar to TFF, which is cool, but the white glow is so Covert Front like and something only used in this series.
4: I would like an ESC button like in PNCE, but I think that's on your list already. :D
5: Add more titles of the books including authors in the item description/name.
6: Sometimes when I look at the original flash drawings separated (ripped) from the game, some areas are not colored or have blank spots, if you want I can make a list but that will be a LOT of work.
7: Get Ute Simon to voice act every line of Kara, I know you do not know Ute Simon, you told me you know her via Brian W. But I would still like it.
8: Maybe find voice actors for the Hotel Guy, Manfred, Karl, The Driver and the Soldier. (Or make it a small kickstarter to add these.)
9: Maybe make Karol finish the unfinished notes that are left behind? It would still be nice to see them in full some day.
10: Add Kara's Lip-gloss, brush, wallet and IAGH/MI6 blue thingy to the item list.
11: The track used in the safe-house has been a reason for copyright strikes. It has been claimed a few times. Which is sad because it's a beautiful track. Maybe it's possible to ask Brian for a remix like in late Covert Front 4 for the house theme?
12: Adding where is 2014 to the bundle would be very nice. (Although it is not a confirmed cannon, I believe it's.)
13: The inventory makes a large part of the screen black in Covert Front 4, (In the float version) I would like a different system for all the the games that can make the images 100% of the screen. (I prefer the one in Covert Front 1 with white spots because it seems the most Covert Front, adding the bag to the list can make it less spam-like in te upper part of the game.)

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Ko9 wrote:
The clouds have an error that when you zoom in they have no fade out, this is the fact in the HD game of Covert Front 3.

This is actually not an error, but a limitation of flash engine. It just turns off filters on sprites it deems to big. :D


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MateuszSkutnik wrote:
Ko9 wrote:
The clouds have an error that when you zoom in they have no fade out, this is the fact in the HD game of Covert Front 3.

This is actually not an error, but a limitation of flash engine. It just turns off filters on sprites it deems to big. :D

Oh okay :D I am glad you saw this post :D

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