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Hi guys.

So I'm slowly speeding up the development process, but first I 'd like to check and double check with you if you have any specific questions about subamchine that need to be addressed in the last game for it to be complete and the series to be fulfilled.

I don't guarantee all of them will be answered in the game (let's leave some mystery for the standalone games afterwards), but I have to look at the bigger picture of what you, the player, want to know from sub10.

Bring them on.


23 May 2015 13:08
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Is Layer 8 in Submachine 10 going to be in Black and White?
Like the Exit location at the End of Submachine 4, the Lab?

And, is there something outside the Submachine?
And Exit sound like an Exit.
Just a yes or no will suffice.


23 May 2015 13:38
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YES!!! Here's my questions...

    1) What Submachine really is... (I know, I know, this been asked a lot... but at this point, I am fine with this question being answered in some for or not at all.)

    2) How Sub_1 fits in with the overall plot since it's brief story (aside from a note) didn't really fits with the main series. (at this point, I haven't played Sub_1 HD version yet. If that question was already answered in this game, don't bother as I will definitely buy the bundle in near future :D )

    3) Who the Player really is (hints were given in Sub_7 and wasn't followed up yet)

    4) Will we ever get to see Einstein? (Sure the story finally answered the big questions about that cat, but just a little easter egg would be nice :3 )

    5) What happened to the citizens of Kent and people who lived in Submachine?

23 May 2015 14:45
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Before I ask game questions:

Is this thread gonna be a more direct, more concise version of Research Team?

23 May 2015 15:09
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there's no room for discussion here actually.
Post only questions you think should be answered in sub10.


23 May 2015 15:17
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I finally want to know what those bells are exactly for!
(And think an answer would be a step to the "complete game" because they were kinda omnipresent the whole time)

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23 May 2015 15:58
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Where is Kent? A submachine location or a place on Earth?

What's the connection between submachine and Earth/The computer that surpassed human inteligence?

What's the connection between the Kent waterfall and karma?

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23 May 2015 16:17
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Here are the questions that I deem most important:

-What is the rough timeline of the events in the series? What date is it now, in Sub10? What date was it in Sub1 and Sub2? How does this relate to the general timeline of the Submachine (Henry O'Toole, creation of the Root, etc.)?

-How do the places we visit in the series fit within the structure of the Submachine, and how are they connected? For example: which layer(s) were we during Sub1-Sub6? Did we travel from the Outer Rim to the Core at the end of Sub1?

-Who is Shiva/the Computer? Are they one and the same?

-as -Ak- says, Who is the player and what happened to everyone else that lived in Submachine?

23 May 2015 16:46
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Where's the Loop in respect to the 8 Layers?

Do Defense Systems and Subbots operate in all the Layers of Reality?

Does the Plan have anything to do with the cubic shape of each room?

Are the persons who wrote the notes in latest Submachines the former Basement Exploration Team?

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23 May 2015 17:23
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As I see each people just posts here. Well...
Hope Mateusz won't be tired after reading all this... XD

My try:


2) Very please, tell us about Player.
Who is he?
How did he get to Subverse and Basement from Sub1?
Did he has some special purpose in Sub1-Sub4 except escape from the trap?
(According to Sub2 and Sub3 endings, as well as his ability to read ancient texts and submachine symbols, Player knows definitely more about things happen in submachine...)

3) If Subbots do exist in subverse...
Show them and tell about them at least in one note, please?

4) What connection do Sub0, SubFLF, SubFLF HD, Sub32 have with main series?
Who are protagonists of these side games? Their purposes?

5) What does "MAP" symbol mean? (Symbol we can see in all submachine games' main menu)

6) What is Kent lands?
Why does it have karma flow/water?
Where is it located?
Why there were excursions in Winter Palace, South Garden and Lighthouse?

7) Does "our real world" exist at all in Submachine game universe?

8) Did we really make time travel in Sub2, or in some other game?
How is important the time in Submachine universe?

9) How many people organizations are there?

What is the company? (Sub4 Ship note)
What organization ordered to scientist who called this place as "Submerged Machine" to work with submachine?
What is Fourth Dynasty?
What happened with "Temple/Murtaugh/Shiva Cult" (Sub9)?
What happened with Lab workers? How did they ended there at all?
From what organization are guys from Sub8?
Who are guys from Sub9 secret notes?

10) Is there God? aka Shiva
Or all is just technology? aka Computer (or something like this...)

11) explanation what happened in Sub2 intro and Sub2 outro...

12) If we/Payer have one-dimensional mind (Sub9 secret note), then why do we can't meet any people in Submachines?
What is the problem?


13) what is behind Blood Door in Sub2 Sketch?

Where is Submachine 11?

23 May 2015 18:06
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