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 Just a thing about Dimensions... 
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Copied from Submachine Wiki

The Temple DefSys Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2012-10-14, Doubtful 2012-10-30
I reckon the Temple had a DefSys

Evidence: On Submachine 8, you remember how toy had to push those gold/silver pole things into the ground to activate the pyramid? I reckon they were built as a defense system to prevent invaders entering the Temple. To enter, you would have to have to be able to create (Karma/Layer) portals, and the Creators must have thought only they could make (Layer/Karma) Portals. Wrong, because Mur managed to do it.

(There was debate on PastelForum over how no one could be able to create portals, so how could the creators have created the Layer green beams-another form of inter-layer portal?)

They (the invaders) created the the thing that we used to get around the layers. Liz got two, and she left one for the player. (Hey, I wonder if Liz's has a eighth layer button?)

Those Poles are all on different layers. They interact. How? I think when the pyramid and Portal to the Temple were created the DefSys creator made little Karma links from the poles to the Pyramid. Like a web. A network, between the layers. (And around a layer in previous Submachines)

The Submachine Spacetime Distortion and Karma Field Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2012-10-19, Doubtful 2012-10-30
The Submachine Spacetime Distortion and Karma Field Theory

Imagine the Submachine is made of Karma Energy and Matter. The Karma is spread out around the Submachine, a Karma Field. Spread out equally, to the extent of Submachine. Then there's the matter that surrounds it. Matter and Karma don't interact (except for Gems - That's later on), but separating them results in space-time collapsing.

The creators of submachine developed multiple ways of harnessing Karma Energy from the field. Like the Karma Portals. Or the Wisdom Gems.

They (the Ancient Civilisation) made Karma portals. At first, it seemed to be a stable way of transport. Quick and easy. But it was draining energy out of the Karma Net. They realized this. So they created the gems. A way of containing reproductive energy, the creators somehow managed to suck in Karma from the field and contain it.

So, we all know that Karma portals destroy matter, right? The reason is because they harness Karma, but continuously, they can not be destroyed. The diminishing amount of Karma being used up goes into the Void, and thus rips space-time- Matter can not exist without Karma.

The Ancient Civilisation (AC, for short) couldn't remove Karma Portals. They were wiped out while trying to destroy a big big Portal, the quantum physics and blahdeyblah resulted in ripping space-time enormously, making a Karma shock wave that blew up all things that weren't matter (they don't interact, remember?) - e.g. The AC's People's Souls. Dead.

There must be a whopping great big void* in the space in the place where the space-time was ripped...

The Void sucked in Karma Energy.

- Void? Sounding familiar?
Then, after the Submachine had recovered, a group of scientists found it. Mur's group. And we know the rest.

Notes: While traveling through Portals, the Player passes through the Void.

The Void is an area outside a universe, coexisting in it, with nothing in it. What goes in is destroyed immediately.

The Daedalus Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2012-10-19, Doubtful 2012-10-30, Debunked 2016-01-13
There are some versions of the Story about the Labyrinth from the Greek Legends that the Labyrinth was connected to Daedalus's soul. As he was punished for killing his nephew, Perdix, he was forced into immortality inside the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth invaded areas, overgrew, while Dr. D lived on forever.... Kill Dr. D, kill the Labyrinth.


In this case, the creator is Daedalus.

The Labyrinth invaded areas, overgrew,

This is what the submachine did.

Kill Dr. D, kill the Labyrinth.

So Mur is trying to find the creator? (Henry O'Toole, I'd think)

And then there are the theories that say that the Player is Henry O'Toole. Which means you.

Mur is attempting to do this because he wishes to take revenge on the Aliens. While you were at the lab, he didn't know who you were.

SNEE Evidence of Movers
Theory history: Submitted 2012-10-19, Still alive 2012-10-26, Doubtful 2016-01-13
Evidence of Movers at SNEE Location... 613. If you go down the ladder until you get to the first bunch of theory notes, look underneath them, there are some 'scrapes' on the wall, as if something had scratched it.

These 'scrapes' on the wall that I'm pointing to are similar to the 'scrapes' at the beginning of submachine 6: After you go through the mover in sub 6, the mover disappears up, and reveals some 'scrapes' on the wall: That were made by the mover being used multiple times.


If you think the ladder at 613 would be in the way, then, I think it wouldn't matter anymore, because the ladder looks quite recent (no rust, broke clean off) and the area isn't accessed anymore by the mover-If the ladder is broken, 'they' haven't been maintaining the area, so it's abandoned. (Probably like the rest of Submachine...)

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