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Pocket Dimension Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-02-10, Still alive 2009-05-25, Doubtful 2016-01-15
A submachine is an area of rooms, based around a certain theme or idea. The submachines are all suspended in a black void in different positions. This is proven as in SM 4: The lab, you can see other submachines through telescopes that look out in to the blackness at one point.

The portals move you in terms of position in the 'network' of submachines, the co-ordinates maybe correspond to X, Y and Z, although I get the impression it's something else.

The black void itself is another dimension, I think a pocket dimension created at and connected to Earth. The laws of physics and similar things are slightly different here, which allows the suspended submachines, and the stranger things within them such as the floating boxes under the bells.

I'm not sure exactly what the submachines are for, as most of the mechanisms and objects within them are ways to escape from them. I think the network is a trap, similar to the giant cube in Cube. The endless trap submachine is good evidence for this. The dimensions affects people themselves. It subtly suggests things so people never end up seeing one another. Groups are scattered. The longer you spend in the network, or the more you wander, the more you forget why you are there and what you are trying to do, you get disoriented and eventually give up.

Another possibility is that the purpose behind the submachines have been forgotten, and anyone who knows about them or created them is gone. The research team are part of a government that found a link to the network, and sent the team in. They explore and discover the nature of the overall network, and try and work out exactly what they are for.

Murtaugh is someone that was found in the network, or was found on Earth because he knew about the origins and purpose of the network. He knows how the network works and helps them get around with the portals. He isn't actually someone that helped create the submachines, but has been there for a long time, exploring. He lives in the dorm and other areas you wake up in in SM 5 and checks and records things on the computer. His motives when helping the research team are a bit shady, and is likely why they ended scattered with malfunctioning equipment. The people end up losing sanity from wandering around with no way back.

The created/drawn in submachine thing I think works like this. Some submachines were built in the dimension specifically, others like the light house were warped in using the portal tech that allows travel between Earth and the network, and maybe thats how M got in the network, he was trapped in the lighthouse when it got warped. The root submachine could have just been something like an early world war bunker that was then drawn in to the network, or it could have been a submachine that was literally built under the ground and then warped to the dimension when it was created.

The endless trap submachine kind of goes against the idea of individual submachines in a void as it would have to be massive if not endless, but given the weird reality of the dimension and how you move about the trap when a puzzle is finished, it's not built quite normally.

The edge of the network is the edge of the cluster of submachines, like the edge of a cluster of marbles on a table, and not a literal wall, so the void stretches beyond the network, infinitely if it's a true void. What is kind of scary is that the final commentary in SM 5 mentions it's defenses. Defenses against what?

As for who created the submachines and why, I have no idea. I'm not really sure what the point of them being there is, other than maybe an experiment with another dimension.

Karma Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-09-19, Still alive 2016-01-15
Flash location: 011
The subnet exists in a parallel dimension that is subtly different from our own. The laws of time and space don’t work in quite the same way, assuming the subnet’s dimension even follows the same laws of time and space. Submachines hang in the void yet there is gravity and breathable air. Objects can be instantaneously aged. Space can fold back on itself in strange ways. I think the underlying principle behind all of this is the idea of Karma energy.

Karma energy essentially is the dimension the subnet exists in. To call it energy is slightly inaccurate, as it is actually something else that while similar in function and use to the energy found in our universe, is more exotic in it’s nature. The subnet’s dimension is the source of Karma energy; it is found throughout the infinite void, and allows otherwise impossible manipulation of spacetime, as well as providing a huge amount of power. Karma energy seems to sometimes find its way to other realities, the flow of the energy forms connections between the two dimensions and allows travel between them. When concentrated enough, it can even pull entire buildings through to the subnet’s dimension.

Karma energy seems to have some connection with living beings. Mur came into contact with an usually high concentration of Karma energy on Earth in the accident that lost him his arm. It changed him, and gave him the ability to manipulate Karma energy at will. Quite possibly, his arm was transformed into pure Karma energy that retained a connection to Mur. It also seems possible that similarly, in the subnet, when people die they are disintegrated into pure Karma energy; evidenced by the lack of dead bodies next to notes that apparently describe the last words of some of the explorers. It could also be the reason for the amnesia in humans, due to the disruption of electrical impulses in the mind due to the surrounding Karma energy.

In my opinion, the mechanism behind all the oddities of the subnet seems to be a resonance effect that Karma energy feels with itself. For instance, when two portal devices are activated: the first device energises specific characteristics of the Karma energy that determines it’s spatial co-ordinates. This causes the energy at the device and the energy at the receiving end co-ordinates to feel resonance with each other. The portal device at the other end then activates and energises the Karma energy at it’s end, allowing the flow of Karma energy and the transportation of objects and people.

The wisdom gems are artificial constructs that provide a concentrated source of Karma energy. The natural Karma energy of the void isn’t densely packed enough to provide much power, so the wisdom gems were created to harness it’s potential by brining together a large amount of Karma energy in a constrained and more organised and controllable form. Perhaps the subnet was created to collect or use this unique form of energy, though for what reason I’m not sure. I want to test this theory out, I’m sure there are ways I could experiment with the energy of the void. I have all these plans for apparatus, all these ideas in my head but when I try to construct them, I feel myself… slowly forgetting all of it. I’m left with sketches and vague thoughts with no idea of what their purposes are. I think these ideas may be the end of me. So obsessed with testing that eventually… perhaps I forget to eat or sleep.

I don’t think I’m getting out of here.

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